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Slither  /  (electronics, field recordings)


Commissioned by Collective 31, as part of their 'Handel Reimagined' project. (2022)

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Elizabeth  /  (fashion film)


As featured in Nowness, Catalogue model Elizabeth Gibson stars as the film’s sultry septuagenarian, who performs household chores in scandalously incongruous attire. Whisking eggs calls for couture Givenchy; she peacocks in Prada for a casual stroll around the house; and nothing less than a full face of makeup with an A-Line dress will do for her daily exercise routine. 

This film is a reflective interrogation into aging, isolation and memory,” (Celia Arias, director).

Chorale Synthetique  /  (voices)


Lockdown boredom/curiosity transformed into a playful vocal reimagining of the moment I opened my most recent synthesiser purchase (2020).

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