Music for Film

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cinematic  |  orchestral  |  hybrid electronic  |  minimalist  |  instrumental  |  contemporary  |  sound design

I combine all kinds of instruments and sound design to evoke meaningful emotions on a deeply psychological level.


Whether it be moody atmospheres, propulsive rhythms or tender moments of human intimacy, my film music incorporates a huge sense of flow and each project opens doors for new sonic possibilities.

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Film Music Reel 2020
Film Music Reel 2021
Small World (synths, sound design)
Console - Closing In (Moody Synths)
Console - The Basement (Drone)
Console - Brooklyn Fireworks (Ambient)
Console - Pretending (Poignant Synths)
Console - Memory (Sound Design)
Snowy Night (Orchestral, Sparkly Percussion)
Daddy Bought Me A Sports Car (Drums, Synth)
Supercharge (Percussion, Sound Design)
Ru and Blu Theme Tune (Vocal, Ukelele, Piano)
Snow and Nostalgia (ambient piano bells, synths)
Children's Rosary Ad (guitar, glock, strings)
The End of an Era OST (haunting synths, piano, harp)
Floating on Water (chilled percussion, synths)
Cosy Sadness (Piano, Strings)
Heartstring Stories (Strings, Piano, Harp)
Clanking Industry (Ominous Sound Design)
Fuel Cell (Strings, Percussion, Sound Design)
Wanderlust (dulcimer, drums)
Anam - Hope and Despair (Strings)
Anam - The Tree of Life (Strings)
Anam - Fatherly Love (Strings)
Anam - Farmland Drone (Strings)
Anam - Wild Scotland (Strings)
Vista (Chamber Strings)
Soaring Over The Himalayas
Reliving the Grief (Strings, Bass, Synth, Piano)
Swells of Honour (Heroic strings, drones)
Seven Planets - Warm Nostalgia (Warm Synth)
Horror/Scary Stuff
Screaming in her Sleep (Twisted Strings)
Mild Tension/Underscore
Face to Face Meetings (Ominous Percussion)
Nothing Is As It Seems (Sound Design)
Just a Hunch (Low Strings, Bass, Sound Design)
Waiting (ticking percussion, restless piano)
Investigative Tension (ominous piano, percussion, harp)
Surveillance (hang drum, piano, intimate percussion)
Solemn (Downtempo Drums, Synths)
Textiles (Fabric, Percussion, Piano)
The Juggler - Excerpt (ethereal choir)
African Beauty (kora, flute, violin, marimba)
Creeping Around (comical bass, tip-toeing percussion)