Music for Film

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cinematic  |  orchestral  |  hybrid electronic  |  minimalist  |  instrumental  |  contemporary  |  sound design

I combine all kinds of instruments and sound design to evoke meaningful emotions on a deeply psychological level.


Whether it be moody atmospheres, propulsive rhythms or tender moments of human intimacy, my film music incorporates a huge sense of flow and each project opens doors for new sonic possibilities.

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Film Music Reel 2019
Film Music Reel 2018
Console - Closing In (Moody Synths)
Console - The Basement (Drone)
Console - Brooklyn Fireworks (Ambient)
Console - Pretending (Poignant Synths)
Snowy Night (Orchestral, Sparkly Percussion)
Daddy Bought Me A Sports Car (Drums, Synth)
Supercharge (Percussion, Sound Design)
Ru and Blu Theme Tune (Vocal, Ukelele, Piano)
Console - Memory (Sound Design)
Cosy Sadness (Piano, Strings)
Heartstring Stories (Strings, Piano, Harp)
Clanking Industry (Ominous Sound Design)
Pandemic (Orchestral, Brass, Percussion)
Fuel Cell (Strings, Percussion, Sound Design)
Anam - Hope and Despair (Strings)
Anam - The Tree of Life (Strings)
Anam - Fatherly Love (Strings)
Anam - Farmland Drone (Strings)
Mild Tension/Underscore
Face to Face Meetings (Ominous Percussion)
Nothing Is As It Seems (Sound Design)
Just a Hunch (Low Strings, Bass, Sound Design)
Anam - Wild Scotland (Strings)
Vista (Chamber Strings)
Reliving the Grief (Strings, Bass, Synth, Piano)
Swells of Honour (Heroic strings, drones)
Horror/Scary Stuff
Screaming in her Sleep (Twisted Strings)
Seven Planets - Warm Nostalgia (Warm Synth)
Seven Planets - Nervous Tick (Kalimba, Flute)
Solemn (Downtempo Drums, Synths)
Textiles (Fabric, Percussion, Piano)
Blood Money (Film Noir Style Strings, Clarinet)

© 2019 by Christopher Schlechte-Bond