Some Current Projects....

  • Film score for 'Nachtwache', a new feature film directed by Joachim Neef charting the release of a German prisoner to the outside world, to be released in 2021.

  • A commission from Collective 31 for an electroacoustic piece that reimagines Bach's 'St Matthew Passion' - (expect a quirky and cinematic take on the Baroque classic)


  • Film score for 'Elizabeth', a short, experimental fashion film created by Celia Arias, to be released soon on NOWNESS

  • A new micro-opera, 'The Den', supported by Opera Harmony, responding to the current Covid-19 crisis. The Den was featured in The Guardian as a 'classical recommendation' and can be watched on Opera Vision here.

  • Film score for 'Death of the Primate', a short film directed by Chester Carr

  • Music for 'No Mole Town', directed by Candi Bloxham - some bedtime story podcasts for kids!

  • A new song for the 'Quarantine Song Project' - coming soon.

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